Maxthon MX5 Cloud Browser

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A dual-core web browser that synchronizes contents over various devices
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balakrishna bollu I love this browser.

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marcia I love this browser, above any other that I have tried, it is fast, it saves all login details if you want & has some really unique features. Take the time to look around, see what is available, worth the time, really it is. I really don't like using other browser's since I've got to know this. A word of advice, the fact that this is capable of save all login details, you never need to type anything in, just click sigh in button, it might be a good idea to have details written down in a safe place, in case you cant access maxthon for any reason, then you can pull them out if you use another browser, or you could find yourself with big problem, being unable to logon to your favourite sites, simply because you can't recall the detail. As I say you'll almost never need to type them in with Maxthon, as its done for you. If others use the same PC I advise you set passwords for your profile,or you might end up spending if others use maxthon & your websites with stored cards,only a click of the mouse can be a payment you can ill afforded. For me, this is a the very best without any question, try it I highly recommend this is a 1st class browser. It is small enough to use with all the features on tablets,phones or most devices in fact,benefits are exactly as I have, on my desktop & laptop too. Great bonus.

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Akash Good, but not as good as FIREFOX OR CHROME.

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Jigo Great results in tests. Actually good when you use it a PC and Android.

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Guest Very impressive, but Ad Hunter is not better than AdBlockPlus.

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Guest good

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